Friday, June 27, 2014

Napa Cabbage with Tofu

Sometimes cooking goes smoothly. Other times, you drop a big hunk of tofu on the floor, and the rice boils over. I miss having a gas stove, where turning down the heat means it turns down instantly, not 10 minutes later.

I tried to find a recipe that would bring together multiple CSA items (and didn't require the purchase of a bunch of other items), but besides a salad, came up short. So I went with a slightly modified version of "Tofu and Steamed Cabbage with Rice and Peanut Sauce" from Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. I opted for the variation mentioned in the margin of the page, which uses her "Sesame Sauce or Marinade" in place of the peanut sauce. I also chose to marinade and bake the tofu rather than steaming it, to give it more flavor and make it a little crispy.

Here's the cabbage steaming:

It nearly filled the pot when I started, but it decreased considerably in volume after steaming.

And here it is plated with some white rice:

Verdict: Quite tasty! And I've determined that I prefer Napa cabbage to Bok choy.

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